Tasnima’s MakeUp Tips for people who have had retinoblastoma

by | Oct 4, 2022 | My story


Tasnima, who had retinoblastoma as child, joined the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust for some work experience earlier this year. We asked her to put together her favourite make up tips using Adobe Express to work on the graphics. If you’d like to do some work experience with Childhood Eye Cancer Trust – contact fundraising@chect.org.uk

Here are Tasnima’s top tips:

Place a mirror low down to open up the eyelid so that makeup can be applied with the eye open. Do the same when applying false eyelashes.

Use a three way mirror/ self cut mirror to see any blind spots.

Try different techniques on each eye to create symmetry.

Draw eyeliner thicker on a larger eyelid.

Do you have a larger eyelid? Curl eyelashes before using a volumnising and lengthening mascara.

Smaller eyelid? Blend eyeshadow above actual crease and use lighter colours all over the lid and slightly above crease. Vice versa for larger eyelids.

Visual impairments? Use makeup glasses.

Wipe prosthetic eye clean after applying makeup in case any dust or product has stuck to it.

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