Tor Moore just finished her Sky Dive! Landed safely! Huge smile on her face.

CHECT TYA is a website dedicated to teens and young adults who have had retinoblastoma (Rb).


Contact our Support team by phone: 020 7377 5578, or email: support@chect.org.uk

3 selfies of Katie, then Danni and then Samih

How do you talk about your Rb?

We spoke to teens and young adults who have had Rb about how they broach conversations about either their prosthetic eye or lack of vision.

An interview with Kelsey

With 14 million views of her videos, 86,000 YouTube followers and TV appearances on BBC and CNN, pint-sized popstar Kelsey Ellison, 24,  has taken the internet by storm.

Kelsey has long dark hair and is photographed in a very pink cloud-scape. Katie Perry vibes.
Group of teens and group leaders sitting in a circle and chatting. They're outside on a warm, sunny day.

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If you have been affected by Rb as a child and would like to renew your membership with CHECT then please fill out our membership form. You will become a member in your own right and have access to our adult face to face and online events as well as any added support if needed.

Selfie of Chris and his friend at the football together

Chris’ footballing experience!

Chris talks to CHECT TYA about his recent experience watching the Ukraine vs. England game, thanks to the Free Kicks Foundation.

Read their interview here

We spoke to Katie and Will about their experiences with retinoblastoma and shared interest in performing musically. 

Katie and Will performing in a fundraising concert for Childhood Eye Cancer Trust, in a church with a big audience!

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CHECT funded research

Find out more about the research that CHECT is currently funding using the link below.



Q. What does CHECT TYA stand for?

The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT) Teenagers (T) and Young Adults (YA).

Q. How do I get involved with contributing to CHECT-TYA?

You can write a blog, create a video or help us to shape our future social media content! Please get in touch with Isabella at isabella.greenwood@chect.org.uk

Q. I want to chat to other people that have been affected by Rb - can you help?

Check out our events page and register for our next teen event where you can meet and chat to others affected by Rb! Email support@chect.org.uk for additional help and advice.

Q. I am about to start secondary school - what do I need to know?

Read Tasnima’s top tips for starting secondary school over on our blog!

Q. How can I inform my friends about Rb?

For information on how to inform your friends and family have a look at our info & support page! For further information please do email our Support team at support@chect.org.uk.

Q. I am about to start university - what do I need to know?

Check out our page dedicated to info & support! There you will find loads of helpful resources and if you’d like additional advice please do contact our Support team by emailing support@chect.org.uk.

Q. Do you have any make-up hints and tips?

Watch Kelsey’s makeup tutorial here! You can also read Tasnima’s top tips on our blog here!

Q. Who can I chat to if I want help?

Message us on any socials or email support@chect.org.uk to chat to one of the Support team. They can also put you in touch with other teens or young adults where applicable.

Q. How can I play sports safely?

Email our Support team at support@chect.org.uk for support and advice. Kelsey’s article about goalball is a fun read too!

Q. I am about to start learning to drive - any tips?

Email our Support team at support@chect.org.uk and watch this space for an article from one of our teens on how they learnt to drive!

Q. Where can I find out more about retinoblastoma?

Head over to our CHECT website and visit our ‘retinoblastoma and me’ section.